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              Window Cleaning in Dublin

              Looking for window cleaning? Dublin based? You are absolutely at the right place! Cleanscape Window Cleaning services have been cleaning windows all around Dublin for over ten years and aim to be the largest provider of window cleaning services in Dublin and its surrounding areas, catering to any budget.

              We also deal in a wide range of other cleaning services such as office cleaning, house cleaning, apartment cleaning and carpet cleaning at unbeatable costs.

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              We Ensure Window Cleaning Even At Impossible to Access Heights

              Sometimes you need to leave the inaccessible windows unclean for the simple reason that your in-house cleaners just simply can't reach them. But our fully trained window cleaners coupled with our specialised equipment, can make it possible to access them.

              We use the most advanced (yet simple to use) water-fed pole system. This is a leading type of window cleaning service which ensures a high quality wash, even at a height of sixty to sixty-five feet.

              We use laboratory graded water that we pump through telescopic poles and without even using ladders, we reach windows at extreme heights such as sixty-five feet and above (approximately around the fifth to sixth floor).

              In short, we are equipped with every type of essential window cleaning piece of machinery that can clean your windows at extreme heights, while still fitting in with your budget.

              Why Choose a Window Cleaner from Cleanscape?

              Our in-house window cleaners are based in Dublin. They are well experienced, highly trained and fully insured. Cleanscape operates a reliable and pre-scheduled service for your Dublin area window cleaning needs. This includes the following:

              • Pre-scheduled window cleaning so appointments are guaranteed on time

              • Residential / Commercial window cleaning

              • Well trained windows cleaners

              • We clean inaccessible windows with ease with our water-fed pole system

              • We also guarantee that no glass will be scratched

              • 24 hours customer care, call anytime you need us

              Window Cleaning Areas Covered in Dublin

              Dublin 11 (D11), Dublin 17 (D17), Dublin 12 (D12), Dublin 6W, Dublin 20 (D20), Dublin 15 (D15), Dublin 8 (D8), Dublin 22 (D22), Dublin 3 (D3), Dublin 2 (D2), Dublin 13 (D13), Dublin 24 (D24), Dublin 18 (D18), Dublin 9 (D9), Dublin 6 (D6), Dublin 1 (D1), Dublin 10 (D10), Dublin 4 (D4), Dublin 16 (D16), Dublin 7 (D7), Dublin 5 (D5), Dublin 14 (D14)