Industrial school Cleaning System

              We Offer School Cleaning Services in Dublin and the Surrounding Areas

              We offer affordable daily school cleaning to keep your school hygienically clean. Cleanscape school cleaning prices are very competitive and we can guarantee quality services at discounted prices.

              School Cleaning Companies in Dublin 11 (D11), Dublin 17 (D17), Dublin 12 (D12), Dublin 6W, Dublin 20 (D20), Dublin 15 (D15), Dublin 8 (D8), Dublin 22 (D22), Dublin 3 (D3), Dublin 2 (D2), Dublin 13 (D13), Dublin 24 (D24), Dublin 18 (D18), Dublin 9 (D9), Dublin 6 (D6), Dublin 1 (D1), Dublin 10 (D10), Dublin 4 (D4), Dublin 16 (D16), Dublin 7 (D7), Dublin 5 (D5), Dublin 14 (D14), Wicklow, Meath and Kildare.

              School Cleaning Contractors Dublin

              We provide School Cleaning for both secondary and primary schools in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Meath. Cleanscape have also worked in colleges and universities. We provide the same level of care, commitment and professionalism to every cleaning contract that we are signed to.

              School Cleaning Services Dublin

              We currently provide School cleaning services in Dublin, Wicklow, Meath and Kildare. Our School Cleaning services include the following:

              • Our School Cleaning Services

              • Staff Rooms and Offices

              • Outside Sports Clubs and Facilities

              • Sports Halls

              • Gym Cleaning

              • Canteen and Refectory

              • Laboratory

              • Computer Room

              • Common Rooms

              • Classrooms

              • Theatres

              • Changing Rooms

              • Showers

              • Toilets

              • Desks and Benches

              • Chairs

              • Tables

              • Window Cleaning

              School Cleaning Contractors in Dublin